God at Work

What a great Sunday! I’m still processing the overwhelming and beautiful truths we dug into today from Hebrews chapter 2. Jesus has defeated the enemy and delivered us from the bondage of fear and death! Let’s walk in that truth this week!

Washington DC

It’s been a while since my last post, but so many beautiful things have happened in that span of time. We had a fantastic family trip to Washington DC where we saw old friends, met new family members, and walked through an incredible amount of history! Among many others, here we’re some of the tour highlights: Historic Williamsburg, Jamestown, the National Mall (and all its monuments), the Museum of the Bible (a must see), and a Washington Nationals game. Being my first visit, I was overwhelmed by the visible hand of divine providence in the creation of our nation. God indeed designed this country to be a beacon of hope and blessing to the world. I pray that we can be faithful to carry on that legacy. By the way, if you haven’t registered to vote in the California June elections, now is a great time! Do it by clicking here.


Coffee for a Cause

Moving right along, there have been some exciting developments at the church. We finished remodeling our North Campus cafe and coffee shop. So many talented people in the church pitched in to make it a beautiful and meaningful fellowship space. We named it, “Coffee for a Cause.” All of the proceeds will go towards helping a kingdom-oriented cause. I’m also glad that I have a new study space… that has windows… and coffee.


The Ascent Worship CD:

Our church worship team is releasing an original worship project called, “The Ascent.” If you’re in the area on Wednesday, May 23, I encourage you to join us for the cd release at our north campus. It starts at 6:30. The album will also be available on all the digital services. These 11 songs have been a labor of love for the Lord and the church, and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. I have no doubt God is going to use this project powerfully!

God is moving in mighty ways, and it’s a privilege to be a small part of it. Please continue to pray for our nation and the church that inhabits it; that we might be active, humble servants who make much of Jesus while the opportunity exists.

Until next time, grace and peace to you!

Pastor Josh

2 thoughts on “God at Work

  1. The Message that the Holy Spirit spoke through you yesterday was spot on, I just wanted to jump up and say “yes! yes! and amen! God is so good to us! I talked with several others after the service and they said the same thing. people need to realize that Jesus came to free us from our sins, not so that we can remain in them. it`s not fire insurance! Pray for South campus, I believe there some who hold on to certain sins in their life, believing it`s ok. ” well, I`m still a sinner”. where is the victory in that? pray for my wife and I, that the Lord will do a mighty work in both of us, and the He will free her from her bondage and give me patience with what He`s doing! You a great man of God, and HE is working in you mightily!


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